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TV Commercials

TV Commercials

Unveiling Our Compelling

TV Commercials

Your Invitation to Health and Wellness

Step into a world of
impactful communcation

that transcends screens and
resonates with hearts

Presenting our 60-second TV commercials, meticulously designed to beckon patients through clinic doors across the nation. With a proven track record of success, these commercials are not just advertisements; they’re your bridge to a healthier, happier future.

The Power of 60 Seconds

In the blink of an eye, we tell a story that captures attention, ignites curiosity, and compels action.

We’ve mastered the art of concise storytelling, delivering a message that lingers long after the commercial ends.

A Gateway to Wellness

Beyond the screen lies an invitation that speaks directly to potential patients.

Our commercials extend a warm hand, inviting them to step into your clinic for a screening that could change their lives. This isn’t just about marketing; it’s about fostering a genuine connection and providing a solution that resonates with their needs.

Broad Reach, Personal Touch

Television, the timeless medium, allows us to reach a diverse and broad target audience right where they are: at home.

Whether they’re enjoying a quiet evening or spending time with family, our commercials meet them in their comfort zone. The intimacy of the TV screen enables us to communicate with authenticity and depth, forging a connection that feels personal.

Embrace the power

of our 60-second TV commercials

Join the ranks of healthcare professionals who have redefined patient engagement. It’s more than just a commercial; it’s a catalyst for transformation, a bridge to healing, and a promise of better days ahead. Let your clinic’s story be told, one frame at a time, and let patients find their way to your doorstep.

Our Services

Direct Mail

Highly targeted seminar invite direct mail with proven pieces that get your phone to ring off the hook with qualified prospects. (Mail house service discounts included)

TV Commercials

60 second commercials that have been proven to put patients in clinic doors across the country. TV allows us to reach a broad target audience where they are, at home.

Digital Marketing

Facebook ads that are first tested in clinic and then released to clients. A step above competitors at a fraction of the cost.

Bonus: Follow up campaigns are included so that you never lose out on a lead.

Additional Services

Lead Machine

Pre-built follow-up campaigns using SMS, email and Voice Drops

Biz Boom University

A done-for-you training platform for your staff

Patient Enrollment Systems

Protocols, enrollment tools, visual materials, formatted documents and scripting

Nerve Damage Screening Tool

A visual screening tool that is individualized per patient and helps convey the severity of the damage.

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